The Ecosystem

Alogrand's blockchain fixes a number of problems that have hampered gaming projects on other blockchains:

  • Algorand cannot be forked;

  • Algorand is carbon negative;

  • Algorand will always have low transaction fees;

  • Algorand delivers high speed, security and decentralisation;

  • Algorand offers near instant confirmation of transactions, performing micropayments and automatic wallet support;

  • The Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) technology enables you to create tokens that inherit all the same features, security, transaction finality and performance of the primary token (ALGO).

The Gaming Experience

Cosmic Champs resolves the remaining issues:

  • Mobile-first - anyone can download the game from their official mobile app store;

  • User-friendly - Cosmic Champs provides a frictionless onboarding experience and welcomes all new users (no wallet and no prior crypto knowledge required to get started);

  • No NFTs are required to play the game so no initial costs to get started;

  • Simple and seamless integration with the official Algorand wallet;

  • The game is designed to be constantly evolving, thus providing improved user engagement and retention;

  • Stable payments will be made to players ensuring income certainty despite market fluctuations;

  • By using fractional NFTs we can maintain high-quality character aesthetics while minting a large number of NFTs to support a growing user base.

These solutions will be described in greater detail throughout the proceeding sections.

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