Traverse the ever-expanding Cosmic universe in Ships that act as homes and bases of operation for a player’s Champs. Ships serve several important functions within the game:

  • They transport a player’s Champs to the Planets that host the play-to-earn arenas;

  • They are a player’s base during battles;

  • They may enhance the statistics of a player’s Champs or enhance a player's play-to-earn rate;

  • While a player is in a play-to-earn battle, their Ship will mine a Planet’s natural resources (Steel Chips). When a player has mined enough Steel Chips they may exchange it for a Blueprint NFT which can be used to build (mint) a new Ship.

The cosmos cannot be accessed without a Ship so we will provide all players with a free starter Ship so there is no need to buy NFTs to start playing. There are several limitations imposed on starter Ships: they are not NFTs, they all have the same appearance, they will not enhance a player’s battle statistics or play-to-earn rate, and they cannot mine Steel Chips which prevents them from building new Ships. Additionally, players using starter ships will earn reduced rewards for winning battles - the difference in rewards will go to the community treasury.

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