Tech Architecture and Plans

The following considerations have guided the design for the game’s tech architecture:

  • We are building mobile-first, using the Unity engine to parallelise Android and iOS pipelines. We are also planning for Cosmic Champs to be accessible via two other platforms: 1) web browser; and 2) a high performance desktop client that is “streamer friendly.” Our priority is the mobile app version of Cosmic Champs but this may change in the future depending on player’s needs and metrics or depending on the changes in requirements imposed by the mobile app stores.

  • We are aware that the majority of daily active play-to-earn users are based in developing countries and interact with play-to-earn platforms as a source of income. Our research shows these players are mostly using mobile devices with lower-end hardware. We will ensure that Cosmic Champs will work as intended on those devices.

  • We are mindful of potential single points of failure arising by relying on single infrastructure providers to deliver core services. We will attempt to avoid the game or features of the game from going offline by distributing our core infrastructure across multiple providers.

  • In the early stages of the project, we will rely on our ecosystem partners to facilitate some utility, such as: node providers, NFT marketplace, COSG staking, and NFT prize games. This will reduce our time to market.

  • Over time we will develop and transition to our own solutions. We may continue to operate on our ecosystem partner’s platforms alongside our own. This will depend on the needs of our users.

  • Security and fair play is our top priority! So all of our core solutions will be built directly by our team. We have planned our roadmap with smart contract audits, critical infrastructure pen-testing, and community-oriented security bounty programs in mind.

  • We are pioneers of the real-time 3D NFT play-to-earn space on the Algorand blockchain. As such, we are aiming to set a very high standard to ensure a bright play-to-earn future for the entire Algorand ecosystem.

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