Champs are the characters used in battle. Each season, a new batch of fighters will be released from all corners of the cosmos.

Champs have a range of traits which impact the in-game statistics of a character (e.g., health, damage, range of attack, hit speed and movement speed). There are many different types of Champs and each type falls into one of two versions: standard or NFT. All standard versions of Champs are off chain, have the same statistics, have the same appearance and have an infinite supply. All NFT versions of Champs are on chain, have enhanced character statistics compared with the standard version, have varying character statistics compared with other NFTs of the same type, have different but not always unique appearances, and have a limited supply. Both versions of Champs can be upgraded to improve their statistics. Both standard and NFT versions of Champs can be used in the play-to-earn arenas. NFT Champs do not need to be purchased to access the play-to-earn arenas. Cosmic Champs will always be free-to-play.

There are several benefits to this approach:

  • It helps Cosmic Champs remain open and accessible to everyone, even those who do not have a crypto wallet or an interest in NFTs. This audience may become more interested in NFTs when they come up against them in Cosmic Champs, making Cosmic Champs a funnel for new users into the Algorand ecosystem.

  • Players can have a deck of only standard Champs or a mix of standard and NFT Champs. This allows them to hone meta and test out characters before buying NFT versions.

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