Champ Traits

Each Champ NFT has at least 9 unique traits. The unique traits differ for each type of Champ. Some traits enhance the in-game statistics of the character, while others are purely aesthetic and/or are reserved for future functionality. Below is the list of traits for the legendary Torus Hammer NFT:

  • Mint: Singularity

  • Guild: Heavy Industry

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • Mod-1: Kratos Pill (damage)

  • Mod-2: Tethys Booster (health)

  • Mod-3: PA-99-N2 Pill (attack speed)

  • Mod-4: IO Booster (movement speed)

  • Mod-Wild: Asteroid Chunk Juice (hit chance)

  • Upgrade 1: Aurora Booster

  • Upgrade 2: Kepler Training

All Champ traits can be viewed on our NFT viewing page:

The number of possible combinations of these traits is almost limitless and will allow for a sophisticated rarity index. When considering the play-to-earn aspect of the game, traits that affect in-game statistics might be more sought after. Some visual aspects of NFTs might be equally sought after due to their rarity.

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