Our Vision

Cosmic Champs will see us slip Earth’s surly bonds and take our first bold steps toward creating a metaverse of space adventure games. We see a future where people are infinitely connected, and driven by purpose, excitement, and fun. Gamefi is the perfect vehicle to transport us to this future.

Cosmic Champs is the first piece of our metaverse – a play-to-earn game that rewards its community. As time marches forward, we will add more games to the cosmos and Cosmic Champs NFTs will freely flow between these games. We’ll also add VR spaces and mini games so our community can come together and embody their NFTs in fun and exciting ways. Cosmic Fashion will allow NFTs to be modified – who will have the most drip? We also plan to build a dedicated marketplace to exclusively trade our NFTs. This is a win for our community which will receive lower fees and a win for the ecosystem which will earn greater revenue.

Our governance token, Cosmic Gold (COSG), will rule our metaverse. When we transition to a DAO, holders of Cosmic Gold will steer the ship. It will also be used to fuel our creator economy. We’ll release creator tools so our community can contribute and be rewarded for helping build the Cosmic Metaverse.

While we ponder the possibilities, let’s not forget the wonder that is planet Earth. We want our community to be Earth Champs, too, so we will give something back to our home planet which has nurtured us to make all this possible. As Vitalik Buterin so beautifully put it, “The goal of crypto is not to play games with million-dollar pictures of monkeys, it’s to do things that accomplish meaningful effects in the real world.”

Gamefi is the super highway to onboarding billions of people, who are already gamers or soon-to-be gamers, into the crypto macrocosm of the imminent future. Whether it’s for work or play, Cosmic Champs is poised for expansion and aims to reach out to everyone, wherever they may be in the cosmos.

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