Problems and Solutions

Despite continuing to see promising growth, the blockchain gaming sector is yet to truly harness its full potential and its adoption continues to lag due to significant barriers to entry and issues affecting user acquisition and retention. This includes but is not limited to the prohibitive cost of buying NFTs to get started, high gas fees, security concerns, environmental issues (carbon footprint), and the fact that many games are still not mobile-compatible or easily accessible to those who are not crypto natives.

Cosmic Champs has been developed with these considerations in mind, channelling our team’s expertise into developing a free-to-play, mobile-first, inexpensive, fast-paced, and fun game that is easily accessible and well-positioned to be the premier play-to-earn game on the Algorand blockchain.

The decision to call Algorand our home planet comes down to our view that Algorand is the most secure, scalable, and decentralised blockchain in the world, and the ecosystem best placed to sustainably power the future of blockchain technology. Algorand is a carbon-negative blockchain, and while our team can often be found looking with wonder at the stars, we recognise that what is of far greater importance is the future of the planet we inhabit and have a responsibility to protect.

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