Cosmic Champs has a tower rush format where two players battle each other for three minutes. The objective is to destroy the opposing player’s base by any means possible. If, after three minutes, there is no winner then the match will continue for an additional two minutes of overtime. During this period, the rate of energy regeneration will increase for both sides. If, after two additional minutes, there is still no winner then the player whose base has the most health remaining wins the battle. The winner takes home all the Treasure on offer and the loser leaves empty-handed.

Prior to each battle, players construct a deck of eight cards which they use to attack and defend against their opponent's cards. These cards are made up of Champs, buildings, and spells. At the start of each game, players begin with four randomly-chosen cards from their deck which are visible on the dashboard. Each card costs a specific amount of energy to be deployed in the arena. Players start the battle with an equal number of energy points and one energy point is replenished every few seconds, with a maximum of 10 energy points in total. Once a card is played, it moves into the reserve and is replaced by a different card from the reserve.

In the battle arenas, there are two main paths leading to the other end of the arena: one path on the far left and the other on the far right. When deployed, Champs will automatically take the closest path and move toward the opposing player’s base. They will automatically attack any enemy Champs or buildings they come across along the way. A buff zone will randomly appear on one of the paths during each battle. This will add a temporary boost to the statistics of any Champ that enters it.

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