Cosmic Gold - Governance Token (On Chain)

Cosmic Gold (COSG) is the governance token for the Cosmic Champs universe and a play-to-earn token. There is a finite amount of COSG in the cosmos which is released on a predetermined vesting schedule (see section 5.2). Players may earn COSG by winning battles and completing other tasks within the Cosmic universe. We will provide stable rewards in the COSG token to ensure players have reward certainty. This will be achieved by calculating the number of tokens paid based on a USD value. The benefit of this approach is that it provides users of Cosmic Champs with certainty that the reward rate will always be the same, regardless of market volatility. See table below for an example of the number COSG tokens allocated as rewards for a single battle with different token prices. Despite a large difference in the token price, the value of the tokens paid out to the player is the same.

Time 1Time 2

Token price*



USD per battle*



Total tokens per battle*



*Value is for illustrative purposes only. Actual value may differ.

COSG will be the primary play-to-earn token until there are enough players in the game to sustain launching Cosmic Matter (COSM) which will take over as the primary play-to-earn token. When COSM launches, less COSG will be paid out via the game than COSM. COSG may be used to: earn staking rewards, enter NFT prize games, buy new season NFTs, in-game purchases (before COSM launches), and participate in the governance of the game.

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