Bigger Picture

Across industries, disruptions to traditional business models are polarising events. Businesses that are dependent on the traditional model are often outraged while end users are often welcoming of change because it comes with lower costs and/or greater control and functionality. NFTs in the gaming industry is no exception. They provide users with full control of their in-game assets as they are free to use their assets in the game, withdraw them from the ecosystem, or sell them on a marketplace.

Despite these benefits for end users, major game developers have been reluctant to embrace NFTs. We believe it’s only a matter of time before most game developers utilise NFT technology. In the future, NFTs will move freely around different metaverse ecosystems.

Our vision for Cosmic Champs' NFTs is threefold:

  1. Add multiple types of gameplay that provide greater utility and value for Cosmic Champs NFTs. For example, we plan to develop spaceship battles so players can battle on the ground in the battle arenas with their Champs or in the cosmos with their Ships;

  2. Increase value for NFT holders by providing rewards outside of gameplay. For example, holders may be able to earn rewards for holding their NFTs or loan them to players to earn rewards;

  3. Create a Cosmic Champs metaverse with multiple games (Cosmic Champs being the first) and a VR environment where users can embody their NFTs. In other words, their “skin” in the VR environment may be one of their Champ NFTs.

We’ve made some design choices with our NFTs that will help us realise this vision. Two examples of these choices are:

  • We’ve given our NFTs some descriptive traits instead of numerical values, enabling different games to utilise the traits in their own unique way;

  • The 3D models for our characters will be publicly available to allow content creators to contribute to the Cosmic Champs universe.

We want Cosmic Champs to be one of many interconnected games so that Cosmic Champs NFTs can be used in a variety of ways. We also want our community to be involved in (and rewarded for) helping us build this universe. Cosmic Champs is just the beginning!

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