Cosmic Gold (COSG)

We’ve designed the tokenomics for COSG in a way that incentivises the community to engage with the game and the token. The main goals of COSG are:

  1. To reward users for playing Cosmic Champs;

  2. To reward users for holding their tokens;

  3. To put ownership and governance of Cosmic Champs into the hands of its users.

Our vision is for Cosmic Champs to be owned and operated by the community that plays it. The players of any game are its experts. Nobody is better placed to govern a game than its players. To ensure the long-term security and stability of Cosmic Champs, we will transition to a community-owned DAO gradually.

COSG is the mechanism that allows Cosmic Champs to transition to a DAO. When the game officially launches, the community treasury will go live and begin to receive the income generated by its users. The process of distributing the network will occur gradually as COSG is distributed among users through staking and play-to-earn rewards. As more tokens are distributed via these mechanisms, the ownership of COSG will become less concentrated. From Q3 2023, COSG stakers will be able to vote on things such as community treasury use, number of NFTs to mint, new gameplay concepts, play-to-earn reward amounts, balancing changes to characters, and the introduction of new Planets. The network needs to be sufficiently decentralised before it has adequate protection from bad actors who may wish to hijack the system for their own benefit. To help prevent this, the Mad Shapes team will be able to vote with the locked team, Play-to-Earn, and Staking rewards allocations. A detailed plan for the translation to a DAO will be provided at a later date.

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