Rate of Earn

The specific rate of earn for each asset is yet to be determined. We will model many scenarios to ensure sustainability for a large number of active players over time. Any values assigned to rewards in this section are for illustrative purposes only. The actual values may differ when the game is released.

There are three groups who can earn the play-to-earn rewards (COSG, COSM, and Steel Chips): players, Planet owners, and the community treasury.

Players can earn any of the play-to-earn rewards by winning battles. The loser of each battle will walk away empty-handed. To be eligible for play-to-earn rewards, players must first attain a minimum amount of experience points from winning battles in the game. The purpose of this requirement is to reduce the number of assets that are lost to churned players who join the game for a very short period of time and then stop playing. The rate-of-earn for a player depends on multiple factors, including their level of experience points and the characteristics of their Ship. Generally, players with fewer experience points will earn fewer tokens than players with more experience points. This will reward players who have spent more time engaging with the Cosmic Champs universe.

Planet owners and the community treasury may earn COSG and COSM as they will take a share of the play-to-earn rewards allocated to each battle.

The proceeding section will describe the mechanisms for each group’s rewards for each asset type.

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